Take A Video Tour of Casa Del Mar Beach Resort on Longboat Key, FL

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Resort Tour

Casa Del Mar is a beautiful resort located in majestic Longboat Key, Florida. This resort is ideal any time of the year because it is pleasantly located in the beautiful Sunshine State. There are plenty of things to do at the resort in nearby Sarasota so if you are looking to have some fun, you’re bound to find it. Dare to venture across the Skyway bridge? You can find plenty of things to do in St. Petersburg or Tampa, but if you feel the need to stay close to the resort, Longboat Key has everything you need to make your vacation memorable. There is always something to do or see on Longboat Key and at Casa Del Mar.

Visitors Come From All Over The World

People come to Casa del Mar from all over the world whether it be for honeymoons, proposals, weddings, birthday celebrations and family vacations. Casa Del Mar has been the premier destination for over thirty years for people looking to get away from it all in Florida. During your stay, you will find many delicious restaurants and charming little shops scattered along the main street. After a long day on the town, you will find returning to Casa Del Mar is like a home away from home and most people don’t want to leave after staying here.

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