Get From Florida City to Casa Del Mar on Longboat Key: The Getaway You Deserve - Florida Beach Resort

Get From Florida City to Casa Del Mar on Longboat Key: The Getaway You Deserve

Get From Florida City to Casa Del Mar on Longboat Key: The Getaway You Deserve


Living in Florida City makes you dream about wanting to slow things down for a change. Sometimes living and working in a place like Florida City makes you tend to forget that there is an entire state waiting for you to explore. Casa Del Mar is the kind of resort that offers you seclusion as well as adventure. The distance between the two is give or take four hours, but with such a scenic backdrop, the drive will be over with in no time. Casa Del Mar is sure to have every accommodation you might need and more.

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Casa Del Mar offers luxury among many things, but one of the most unforgettable things that it has to offer you is its serene sunrises and sunsets. Make sure your schedule is clear at dawn or dusk at least once when you are here because we promise, you won’t be disappointed. Casa Del Mar’s beauty is accentuated when its illuminated by the sun and can captivate even its worst critic. Some of these critics will even tell you that this is what won their heart and made them permanent residents.

Casa Del Mar is situated on beautiful Longboat Key which is famous in her own right for her majestic shoreline. Longboat Key is truly breathtaking and is considered one of Florida’s hidden jewels. Longboat Key has many extracurricular water activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, fishing, swimming, and dolphin watching. However, Longboat Key also has many places to explore such as Joan M. Durante Park. You can take a nature walk with the family as well as play on their playground. All of this is complete with a magical waterfront view. If you are all tuckered out from the beach and the playground, jump on the free trolley and head into town to enjoy the local restaurants, bars, and night life. The food choices around here are endless, no matter if you’re looking for low key or upscale dining; Longboat Key has got you covered. The small town charm that exuberates from the very depths Longboat Key’s is welcoming to everyone that steps foot on her shores, and you will feel right at home here.

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After a warm day at the beach, you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze coming off of the coast as you sit poolside at Casa Del Mar. Casa Del Mar offers refuge, leisure, and lifelong memories. These things make you want to come back to the resort year after year. Longboat Key will leave you entranced by her beauty after your first visit, captivating you with her smooth, golden sand and the crystal clear waters. If living in Florida City makes you feel like your life is a little to routine, break free by escaping to Casa Del Mar!

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