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Games to Play on the Tennis Court

Games to Play on the Tennis Court


Tennis Games To Play

There are lots of ways to keep the kids busy as you are enjoying your vacation. Many unique and fun tennis games can be played on the tennis courts right at Casa Del Mar and don’t require a lot of equipment or a lengthy set-up!
Young Girl Playing Tennis


Below are some fun options for games to play on the court for kids or adults alike. Even better, racquets and balls can rented right at Casa Del Mar for free, so don’t worry about bringing them with you!


Line Tag

What you need: A tennis court and some friends!


Rules: This works very similar to regular tag and is a lot of fun. Pick one person to be “it.” That person tries to tag the other players. But here’s the catch—all players, including “it” have to run along the lines of the court. If you get tagged you’re the new “it!”



What you need: Friends and several balls.


Rules: Split into two teams, each team should be on one side of the court. Each team should begin with two of the balls. The object here is to hit the players on the opposite team with a ball—that gets them out.

But, if the player catches the ball you throw, you are out and the other player gets to call one of their out teammates back into the game. This continues until one team is eliminated and the team with players left, wins!


Gate To Casa Del Mar Tennis Court


Soccer Tennis
What you need: Cones or something else to divide the court, tennis ball, and other players!

Rules: Use the cones to form a line behind each player, a middle line to divide the halves, and two sidelines. Players can use anything but their hands to touch the ball to move it over the net and onto the opponent’s side of the court.


But since this is soccer tennis, the ball can only bounce once in your court—set a maximum number of touches on each side before you start. You score when the other team has more than one bounce on their side, or if they hit the ball out of bounds or into the net. Whoever scores the decided on number of points first, wins!


Tennis Baseball


What you need: A tennis ball, a racquet, and some teammates!


Rules: Similar to regular baseball, but without the diamond! Split up into two teams and decide what order you and your teammates are batting in, plus what positions you’ll play out in the field.


Decide what areas on the tennis court are bases—net posts, the center of the back curtain, and fences are all great options. The game carries on like regular baseball, except you should let the pitch of the tennis ball bounce once before the batter hits it.

Hit and Run


What you need: A tennis ball, racquets, and some friends!


Rules: A game revolving around speed and strategic ball placement, hit and run starts by splitting your group into two equal teams. Line your teams up on opposite baselines of the court. The first player in one of the lines will start a rally to the other line. Once that player hits the ball they must run to the back of the line on the opposite side of the court. That play continues, and if you miss—you’re out! Whoever is the last standing is the winner!


Hitting A Tennis Ball
Tennis Hockey

What you need: cones, racquets, and tennis balls.


Rules: Set two cones on the baseline about 10 feet apart to serve as the goal, put another cone in the middle of the goal but 10 feet away, then another 20 feet away from the goal.


One player starts as the goalie and stands in the goal with their racquet. The other players stand at the 20-foot cone spot. The first player rolls the ball to the 10-foot cone spot, then shoots the ball with their racquet to try and score in the goal. The goalie uses their racquet to try and stop the ball. If you score, you become the goalie. The play continues.


First to 100

What you need: A tennis ball, racquet, and some friends!


Rules: This game is pretty easy and can be played right on a tennis court or even anywhere else with a lot of space. Everyone spreads out and one person hits the ball into the air while calling out a point value for the ball. Whoever catches the ball gets that many points, but if you drop it you lose that many points. The first to 100 points wins!


Kids Playing Tennis


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