Beachfront Vacation Condo Rentals on Longboat Key, FL

Longboat Key Resort Rentals

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Casa Del Mar is considered heaven on earth. When you walk on the pristine white sandy beaches, nowhere else can compare to the peacefulness you feel when you are here. Casa Del Mar has many condo rentals on Longboat Key. Our resort offers quick and easy access to our private beach, private pool, and serene sunsets.

You have many rental categories to choose from such as beachfront, beach view, and courtyard. Each of them offers Casa Del Mar visitors no crowds or waiting for warm waters, and many other luxurious amenities.

Take a look at the different condo vacation rentals Casa Del Mar has to offer!

What rental is right for you?

Beachfron Rentals
Courtyard Beach Rentals
Pool Side Beach View Rentals

Beachfront Rental Condos

The beachfront rentals are nothing short of superb or so many of our visitors say. Every one of them are within a short walking distance of the beach and the deep blue ocean. Luckily this great location comes at an even better price and best of all; they are big enough to be shared.

Looking to get some alone time with your honey or find the perfect getaway for your family?

Casa Del Mar is the ideal location for both of these vacations. Enjoy beautiful sunrises, breathtaking views and complete relaxation in Casa Del Mar’s beachfront rentals.

Beach View Rental Condos

Life doesn’t get much better than Casa Del Mar Resort on Longboat Key. Casa Del Mar is in a remote yet surreal location. The beach view condos offer an incredible view with easy access to the pool and the beach if you want to take a dip after dinner or early in the morning before everyone else gets their morning started.

Our beach view condos all come at an affordable rate and are great options if you are looking for something to share with your family or friends. Seeking to get away from the chaos of the big city? Casa Del Mar is considered the perfect place to get away from it all.

Each of our condos that overlook the beach come fully equipped with everything you would need to stay connected to the world when you allow it. Who wants to spend time enjoying the modern day amenities when you have such pristine views of the Gulf right outside your door?

Courtyard Rental Condos

Each morning starts on Longboat Key with waking up to the morning rays smiling down on this little barrier island. The calm ocean waves lap against the soft shoreline. Casa Del Mar offers spectacular rentals with almost every vantage point, all of which are nothing short of spectacular. Each condo allows you to enjoy the finer side of Longboat Key’s nature.

Our courtyard views are a great option for a reasonable price. Its premier location in the quaint area of Southwest Florida makes Casa Del Mar the ideal place to get away. Casa Del Mar resort has all of the amenities you would need to really take this vacation to the next level.

Let’s Plan a Vacation!

Casa Del Mar’s condo rentals allow you to enjoy all of the beauty that Longboat Key has to offer while giving you the freedom to completely check out to have a stress-free vacation. On the other hand, our condos would make a perfect place for any of your chaotic family reunions and impromptu school reunions. Longboat Key is the ideal location to have that family time you’ve been looking for without any of the interruptions you encounter in the real world.

Casa del Mar vacation rentals have something for everyone and can fit into everyone’s budget. View our available condo rentals today to see what is available for your vacation stay. Casa Del Mar has some a large variety of vacation rental condos to choose from. Just remember to book to early to ensure your spot!