From Chicago to Beautiful Casa Del Mar Resort on Longboat Key - Florida Beach Resort

From Chicago to Beautiful Casa Del Mar Resort on Longboat Key

From Chicago to Beautiful Casa Del Mar Resort on Longboat Key


Chicago, Illinois is a thriving metropolis known for its history, culture, sports teams, and wind factor. It doesn’t get much better than living in Chicago. However, even residents of the windy city will tell you that they need to get away from the chaos of it all once in a while. Sometimes you need to just thaw out from the harsh winter temperatures or take a much-needed vacation. What better place to do these things than Casa Del Mar, located on Longboat Key, Florida? We promise that Casa Del Mar has what Chicago residents are looking for in a vacation destination. Longboat Key is vastly different from Illinois in many ways, especially Chicago, and is the ideal destination for many people looking for a unique place to go. Traveling by car from Chicago to Longboat Key takes a little over 19 hours. However, a flight shouldn’t take more than five, excluding layovers. Make sure you remember to leave those winter coats at home though and pack those shorts and flip flops!

An ideal time to vacation on Casa Del Mar is the month of May or in the Springtime in general. The weather is incredible around this time because it’s still cool enough to go outside but it won’t be hot enough to scorch you either. Best of all, the ocean will have heated up enough by this time so you can enjoy taking a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Mexico.

Springtime on Casa Del Mar is an exciting time because of all of the events going on every month. If you have kids, Sarasota which is right by Longboat Key has plenty of attractions to keep them busy, no matter what age they might be. There are many things to do at the resort for children, but since you are in Florida, why not explore the surrounding beaches with your kids. If you want to take your kids to have some fun, there is always Disney World. If you’re not looking to go as far as Orlando but still want your kids to experience the thrill of roller coasters, Tampa is just a short hour’s drive away, where they can enjoy some of the best roller coasters in the area at Busch Gardens. Looking to see some animals why you are down. Tampa is also home to the famous Lowry Park Zoo.

Time slows down on Longboat Key, which is probably due to its antiquated atmosphere. Longboat Key’s majestic shoreline and breathtaking views are some of the many reasons people keep coming back year after year. There is nothing more picture-perfect than a Florida sunset, and the one’s you will see on Longboat Key do not fall short of this rule! Casa Del Mar is a lush paradise, pleasantly placed between all of the top Florida metros, perfect in every aspect because it truly does have something for everyone!

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