Vacation Destination Near Lakeland: Casa Del Mar at Longboat Key - Florida Beach Resort

Vacation Destination Near Lakeland: Casa Del Mar at Longboat Key

Vacation Destination Near Lakeland: Casa Del Mar at Longboat Key


The differences between certain areas of Florida are vast and plentiful, especially when it comes down to places like Lakeland, Florida and Longboat Key. Lakeland is a fabulous option for many people that want to put down roots in a town, but many lose sight of the fact that there really is no place to go there that offers you peace and solitude. Thankfully, though, you have Casa Del Mar resort if you’re looking for an escape. Lakeland is approximately two hours from Casa Del Mar, located on Longboat Key that can provide you with the ultimate getaway.

Staying at Casa Del Mar will let you experience the surrounding areas like no other place in Florida yet still allow you some privacy and seclusion. We promise that Casa Del Mar will leave you enchanted after your first visit. After you have had your first meeting with the crystal clear waters on Longboat Key and you’ve buried your feet into the soft, warm sand; it will be nearly impossible to leave.

You can experience everything that Casa Del Mar and Longboat Key have to offer by fishing, dolphin watching, kayaking, sailing, or riding a jet ski, through the famous gulf coast waters. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can take some time to slow things down by going swimming in the Gulf of Mexico or taking a walk along the majestic shoreline. Living in Lakeland means you have experienced a warm Florida day or two but on Longboat Key, the air will seem crisper and the night breeze will somehow be cooler than what you’re used to. Where else are be able to experience privately, the tranquil water is curling up at your doorstep when you wake up?

There is no better place to leave the noise of Lakeland behind and wake up to the tranquility of waves and the sun. Casa Del Mar is the ideal choice for any kind of getaway including but not limited to a wedding, honeymoon, a yearly family vacation, or an impromptu stay-cation. Casa Del Mar has something for everyone. Unlike other places on the Florida coastline, Longboat Key offers an experience like no other, unsullied from the chaos of the real world.

If you’re in search of that perfect getaway from Lakeland, look no further—you have finally found it. There is no need to spend an excessive amount of money trying to get out of the country or the state for a tropical paradise that you can literally find two hours away from you. Casa Del Mar provides all of the luxury style amenities you may be looking for without all the hassle. You can getaway anytime you want while living near such a pleasantly placed paradise Island!

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