Vacation Getaway Near Miami: Casa Del Mar - Florida Beach Resort

Vacation Getaway Near Miami: Casa Del Mar

Vacation Getaway Near Miami: Casa Del Mar


Miami is a place many people go to getaway but what if you are trying to get away from Miami? Where do you go? Well surely you don’t want to go another busy city. Maybe you should choose something a little bit slower with more privacy than Miami could ever offer you? Casa Del Mar has everything that Miami doesn’t and is known for its seclusion, beauty, and irresistibly. Casa Del Mari is located in Longboat Key, Florida, which is about a 4-hour drive from Miami.

If you take into your consideration your mileage every week commuting back and forth to work, this trip is not really that long. Casa Del Mar is literally steps away from the gulf and allows you to sight-see the southwest coast of Florida without all of the tourists getting in your way. The natural beauty, gentle ocean air, and striking views that Casa Del Mar offers are unsurpassed. Do you want to explore the wildlife of Longboat key without a bunch of people getting in the way? Well you’ve found Florida’s best kept secret.

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Casa Del Mar is the place you can go to escape the normal routine of life and just relax on the gulf coast. This side of the ocean is soothing and serene, the shores are golden to the touch, and the weather is normally pristine because it’s usually sunny Florida. Casa Del Mar is the getaway destination many can only dream about yet is completely realistic when you’re a resident of Miami. Spend the morning frolicking in the warm turquoise waters of the gulf and afterwards you can hit the turf to catch up on some reading, build a sandcastle, or play some volleyball. If you want to relieve some of the soreness from your muscles, we suggest jumping into the hot tub.

It’s the only way to get those muscles to relax after a long day of swimming. Longboat key has many local hole in the wall eateries to choose from if you’re looking for a hot meal to settle the grumble in your stomach or a cold drink to quench your thirst. After you have eaten, feel free to explore the charming little town of Longboat Key. You will find that quaint little boutiques, ice cream parlors, and surf shops scattered throughout really help set the tone for Longboat Key.

Most people find that after visiting Casa Del Mar, it’s hard to find anywhere else that can compete with such seclusion and beauty. This is why some of the same visitors keep coming back year after year, they just can’t get enough. Casa Del Mar offers an entirely different view of coastal living and reminds you of all of reason you fell in love with Florida in the first place before you got stuck in the routine of it all. Casa Del Mar is sure to have adventures in store for you so don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Casa Del Mar has something for everyone that wish to venture to its charming location!

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