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4 Family Friendly Sarasota Restaurants

4 Family Friendly Sarasota Restaurants


Longboat Key is a fantastic destination for a family trip. This barrier island is home to sunny beaches, a relaxed and private residential setting, with plenty of nearby cultural attractions and events all year round.

There’s never a dull moment when you take the kids to explore the many Longboat Key activities that occur throughout the year.

Aside from the beaches, what makes the area so special are all the classic family restaurants nearby. Let’s take a look at four of the best Sarasota family restaurants that you should check out during your stay.

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Mozzarella Fella

Location: 1668 Main Street, Main Street Merchants, Sarasota, FL 3423

This popular Italian restaurant is a real hit with tourists and locals alike. Its Italian bistro food is well-known for being fresh, delicious and authentic, very much in the style of a real New York Italian restaurant. What’s more, the family-friendly customer service is always top notch.

Mozzarella Fella is a great destination for a family meal out, but if you’re having a tough evening with the kids and just want to order takeout, then they’ve got you covered. Many of the residents of our Longboat Key condo rentals cite Mozzarella Fella as being top-tier in Italian cuisine.

Yoder’s Restaurant

Location: 3434 Bahia Vista St, Sarasota, FL 34239

This cozy choice is known for its homely, welcoming atmosphere. Yoder’s is an Amish restaurant which has been serving Sarasota hearty, homemade meals since 1975.

What you get at Yoder’s isn’t just a delightful meal, however. It’s set in the heart of a tranquil Amish village, where you can also visit the Produce Market and Deli.

In short, Yoder’s is more than just one of the best wholesome family restaurants in Sarasota. It is a good, old-fashioned day out that’s sure to leave you with a smile on your face as much as a full, satisfied stomach!

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The Rosemary

Location: 411 N Orange Ave, Sarasota, FL 34234

For something a bit fresh and fancy, why not check out The Rosemary? Situated in dead-center downtown Sarasota, The Rosemary is an American bistro that serves a range of contemporary and traditional dishes, made in-house with locally-sourced ingredients.

Though the restaurant looks a bit swanky, it is as suitable for families as it is for adults. Open for breakfast right through to dinner, you can expect a real treat of a meal here.

Cha Cha Coconuts

Location: 417 St Armands Cir, Sarasota, FL

As the name of this family restaurant suggests, Cha Cha Coconuts is coco-loads of fun! It offers a relaxed, casual dining experience with live music and a real tropical vibe. For visitors seeking the ultimate in the Florida lifestyle, Cha Cha Coconuts is the place to be.

Cha Cha Coconuts is set in the middle of St Armands Circle in Lido Key, which is only a short drive from Longboat Key condo rentals. It is a lively location where, after your meal, you can take a stroll around and visit over 130 unique boutiques, dessert shops and specialty shops in the area.

It’s also a stone’s throw away from beautiful, unspoiled North Lido Beach, so take your full belly out there for an unforgettable beach walk!