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Beth Poor Guests Since 1981

Beth Poor Guests Since 1981


Four Generations of Casa Del Mar Guests!

Beth Poor, guest since 1981, shares fond family memories at Casa Del Mar.

The first picture is from March 1981 and includes my sister Barbara Goesel, her husband Roy Goesel, their son Brian, and my father Robert Booth. They’re flying a kite at sunset. Brian Goesel, who is 18 months old in this photo, has visited Casa del Mar many times since then. 


The second photo is Brian some 35 years later at Casa with his wife Kate and their own children.

Barbara Goesel, her husband Roy Goesel

And the third photo includes my husband Bill, me, and my sister and brother-in-law (Barbara and Roy) who’ve aged well since our first visit in 1981.

Barbara and Roy)

My parents, Elizabeth and Robert Booth, were Casa renters 1981-2007.  Though they visited each year for the rest of their lives, my husband Bill and I took over the March rental spot in 2008 and always vacation at Casa del Mar in March and November (plus many times in early January).

March 2018 was our 79th time at Casa- the best resort in Florida!  The staff is amazing and welcoming, and I’m always sad when it’s time to leave.

Beth Booth Poor
Bill Poor