Vacation Getaway Near Orlando: Casa Del Mar - Florida Beach Resort

Vacation Getaway Near Orlando: Casa Del Mar

Vacation Getaway Near Orlando: Casa Del Mar


Orlando is an amazing metropolis that seems like it has everything you would ever need but what it’s missing is a place for you to go to just escape the chaos of it all. You always want to have somewhere for you to go to unwind and detach from your everyday hectic life. Sometimes you just need a place that lets you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that Florida has to offer without the hustle and bustle of city life getting in your way. Casa del Mar is that place that you can go to escape. The distance between Orlando and Casa del Mar is about two and a half hours. Casa del Mar has everything you would need, whether you’re looking to stay the day or the weekend.


Every time is the ideal time to visit Casa del Mar because its situated in sunny Florida. No one can resist the epic sunrises and sunsets at Casa del Mar. Every visitor says that if you only come to see one thing here, make sure it involves the sun because you’ve never seen anything so striking in your life. Casa del Mar has the perfect backdrop and venue for your weekend getaway, family reunion, honeymoon destination or wedding.

Since Casa del Mar is located on the magical Longboat Key, visitors will have access to local fun and festivities in nearby Sarasota. Once you have seen the infamous shoreline, you will understand why so many people want to call this place home. Sarasota has plenty of attractions to keep everyone busy, no matter what age they might be. Sarasota’s breathtaking beauty is enough to make you reconsider where you live but Casa del Mar has the ability to make you feel like you’re already home. If you get hungry, there are plenty of options when it comes to food and this area has whatever it takes to appease even the pickiest of eaters. If you somehow get tired of the sand for the day, feel free to explore the rest of Longboat Key. You will find the atmosphere around here to be quite welcoming to visitors and each parlor, boutique, and corner store that you see adds its own unique charm. If you find yourself bored on a rainy day, you might be interested in reading about the history of Longboat Key.


When you are sitting at Casa del Mar in the evening, take time to notice the extraordinariness of the Florida skyline in this particular area because its unique in its own right. It pulls you in like it has its own gravitational force and all you can do is let the blue, orange, and pink rays entrap you. No one can resist the appeal of Casa del Mar once you’ve set foot here. Closing in for the night at Casa del Mar allows you to enjoy all the amenities it has to offer. Casa del Mar is pleasantly placed between paradise and reality, the Shangri La of Florida per say, and it’s a wonder why anyone would ever want to go home!

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