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Longboat Key Public Beach & Beach Access

Longboat Key Public Beach & Beach Access


Longboat Key is lined with luxurious vacation rentals, condos, and single family homes that limit most public access points but if you’re a local, you know where the handful of public beach access points are on Longboat Key. When staying on Longboat Key, there truly is no better place to have that private beach experience. Casa Del Mar Resort has one of the most pristine beach access points on Longboat Key and is known to give all its inhabitants that private beach feel.

The combination of the quiet resort and the seclusion from it all is why so many people choose to come back to Longboat Key year after year. If you find that you want to venture away from the resort beach, there are 12 public beach access points on Longboat Key leading to the Gulf of Mexico beaches. You won’t find any facilities such as bathrooms, concessions or lifeguards but you will find plenty of parking and open space to spend some quality time. Please remember that the Town of Longboat Key prohibits alcohol on the beach.

You will find most of the beach access points as you travel along Gulf of Mexico Dr. on Longboat Key. Keep an eye out for the blue and white beach access signs along the side of the road. Not all of these access points will have parking, but most of the time it’s pretty close nearby. Longboat Key beaches are the ideal spot for a picnic.

When you plan your beach visit, keep in mind that there are no public facilities. However, there are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby and a large Publix supermarket at 525 Bay Isles Rd. Longboat Key may not have the softest sand on this side of the coast, but it definitely has more rewards that any other one. You will find seashells galore on the Longboat Key.

longboat key public beach access

Longboat Key Beach Access Points

2825 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Parking available at Town Hall, 501 Bay Isles Rd

3175 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Parking available

3355 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Parking available

3495 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Handicap Accessible on site, also parking across street

4001 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Parking available at Bayfront Park

4711 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Handicap Accessible

4795 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Handicap Accessible

6399 Gulfside Road
Parking available at General Harris Street

6847 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Parking available at Broadway Access

100 Broadway St.
Handicap Accessible

7055 Seabreeze Ave.
No parking available

100 North Shore Road
Parking available

longboat key beach access

The draw of Longboat Key’s white beaches beckon visitors every day of the year

As you walk near the delicately lapping shores of the turquoise water of the Gulf, you’re likely to stumble across a freshly made sandcastle, a sailboat breezily passing in the distance, or a school of dolphins making their way around the island. It’s easy to set up your own little utopia here, especially with its 11-mile-long stretch of coastline.

Some smaller beaches along the key are worth mentioning mainly for their appeal to the many visitor’s Longboat sees over the course of a year. Whitney Beach, towards the north end of the key across from Whitney Plaza, has public parking, and you will find plenty of beach access areas. At the north tip of Longboat Key, Beer Can Island offers a breathtaking view for parties, picnics, fishing, swimming and sunbathing. You can easily reach the island by walking across at low tide – just remember to come back across at low tide as well!

Lido Beach is another close option if you absolutely can’t find anywhere to go on Longboat Key. Within walking distance from Longboat Key, you will find Lido Beach to be similar to Longboat Key but with some public beach amenities that allow you to enjoy yourself in true Florida style.

North Lido is a quiet place to enjoy the Gulf, search for seashells, and watch the local scenery. Parking is limited, and in the summer during nesting season, you will find some areas may be roped off to protect the nests of sandpipers, terns, and other bird species.

Luckily when you stay on Longboat Key, you have so many options when it comes to which beach you want to explore on any given day. Casa Del Mar offers you quick, easy access to one of the most talked about areas on this side of the coast. It also has full luxurious amenities to ensure you have everything you may need for your vacation. Longboat Key is such an incredible place, somehow holding a delicate balance between the unspoiled ways of nature and modern day influences. Staying at Casa Del Mar just means that you have found the perfect area to relax or enjoy more active beach recreation. Contact us today to schedule your trip to Longboat Key!

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