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Tradition of the Florida Lanai

Tradition of the Florida Lanai


F5 Lanai

First time visitors on Longboat Key vacations, and those who are new to renting Florida condos may find themselves unsure about what a lanai is. Since it is a feature that is unique to local real estate, the term often raises a lot of questions.

To add to the confusion, this exotic sounding feature shares its name with a stunning tropical island off the coast of Hawaii. As exotic and intriguing as it sounds, the word “lanai” simply refers to a covered outdoor porch area outside Florida houses and condominiums.

Lanais give residents a place to kick back, relax and unwind from the comfort of their homes while being able to take in their surroundings. Some of them are elaborate with chairs, benches, tables, pools, or they can be quite simple as well. It is a commonly recurring outdoor feature in many of the properties found in this region, including many of our condos here at Casa Del Mar, and they have been loved by Florida natives for many years.

Lanai Overlooking The Pool And Beach

Lanais provide accessible and pleasant cover

A tropical climate means that many a day spent in Florida is warm and sunny, but with that comes the unpredictability of tropical storms, heavy rains, or even exceptionally hot days. During these days, residents want a little cover a while they relax in an outdoor setting, and that’s exactly what a lanai provides.

The availability of overhead coverage means that properties can really take their decoration of this outdoor area up a notch. You can find some truly elaborate lanais that are loaded with furniture, or a simple covering to offer some shade.

The lanai remains popular among Florida residents because it offers them an extension of their home that doubles as an outside living area. Gone are the days where people will simply sit outdoors nestled in an ugly deck chair, lanais mean that sophisticated seating sets, elegant coffee tables, pools, fans and beverage refrigerators can populate this outdoor space.
Enjoying the Lanai

A tradition that is uniquely Floridian, stylish lanais can be found across many of our Casa Del Mar Condos and will have you feeling like a true local during your stay. When you return to your condo tired and fatigued at the end of the day, you can snuggle down on comfortable seating and enjoy a nice cold beverage beneath your lanai, protected from the heat and humidity.

Some are constructed with beautiful woods offering up a rustic charm or with screens to give you better lighting and transparency of your surroundings. You’ll be surprised at the variety of different types of lanais that you can find during your Longboat Key vacation.

The lanai helps Floridians and travelers indulge in their passion for the outdoors while protecting them from the elements. We trust that you’ll also appreciate having this feature in your outdoor relaxation area and that it will serve its purpose well, especially during the warmer days.

Though lanais vary in specific design there is one thing that is consistent within them – they offer you excellent protection from the sun without restricting your view of your surroundings and the incredible scenery that surrounds you. Top Floor Lanai