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Longboat Key Weather


longboat key weather

Aptly nicknamed “The Sunshine State”, Florida is home to a tropical climate that brings with it warm, sunny days for the majority of the year with the average temperature being a delightful 72 degrees.

With that said, of course, there are some variances between the seasons and as with any travel destination, there are certain times of the year which are better for visiting the beaches than others.

To assist you in making your decision as to when to visit the beautiful island of Longboat Key, and how to pack and prepare for your trip to the area, we’ve broken down the details for each of the seasons and provided you with some valuable advice for your upcoming Longboat Key vacation.

Winter in Longboat Key

Longboat Key and the wider Sarasota region experiences mild, pleasant winters. If you are planning to visit during this time, you can expect average daily temperatures of around 70 degrees, and somewhat cooler nightly temperatures of around 50 degrees. Sometimes temperatures can fall a little below these averages, but never substantially so. This is the perfect time to visit if you don’t fare well in the high humidity that comes with traveling during the summer season.

There is no need to pack your traditional winter wear with you in your suitcase – Florida winters are a far cry from your typical winters. It is wise to layer up, particularly during the evenings. Pack a light coat, some comfortable sweaters, and some long sleeved articles of clothing to keep warm during the cooler evenings. Rainfall is low during this period, averaging at around 2.4 inches per month, so there is no need to worry about hauling your umbrellas and your waterproofs over to Florida.

Spring in Longboat Key

Spring in Longboat key sees a gradual increase in temperature as the humid Summer season approaches. The month of March is still relatively mild, with average daily temperatures of 76 degrees, however this takes a sharp increase in April and May when the average temperatures sit at 81 and 86 degrees respectively. Travelers visiting during this period should still pack some light layers for cooler evening weather, but chances of precipitation here are still low.

Summer in Longboat Key

Steamy, hot and humid, from the commencement of June, the temperatures in the region really start to soar. For those who revel in hot climates that make them feel as though they are in a tropical paradise, summer is the perfect season to visit with average temperatures of around 90 degrees. It should be noted that summer is also known as being the rainy season, and tropical storms occur frequently during this time.

With that said, the thunderstorms end almost as quickly as they start and will not cause any major disruption to your day, clearing up fast to make way for beautiful blue skies. Pack your waterproofs for travel during the summer. We recommend always carrying a rain mac with you as tropical storms can start up almost suddenly.

Fall in Longboat Key

The fall season sees a gradual decrease in temperatures as the Sarasota region moves towards the winter. Fall usually draws up images of leaves falling from the trees, and breezy Autumn days however that certainly isn’t the case here since the monthly average temperatures are still very warm, ranging between 80 and 90 degrees per day in the months of September through to November.

Rainfall is moderate in September at an average of 7 inches as Sarasota moves slowly away from the humid summer months, however there is little precipitation in the following two months. So, no matter when you plan your Longboat Key vacation, you can trust that you’ll get to enjoy pleasant and mild to warm weather while exploring the area’s plentiful beaches, nature preserves, and other outdoor attractions!